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Together, We Can Build a Better Education System: Support Jerlene Tatum.

“More than half of our children in LBUSD do not meet grade level standards in Math and English Language Arts particularly our children of color. We need leaders who are willing to ask tough questions and implement program changes and investments to improve our children’s outcomes. I have worked alongside Jerlene Tatum in community, district and board meetings because she’s dedicated to the academic well being of all of our children.  Our children need an education advocate not politically driven representation.”  

Mariela Salgado, LBUSD Parent, Long Beach Education Connection, Former City of Long Beach Parks Commissioner

“Jerlene Tatum is authentic, consistent, and inseparable from her words. She is fearless in accomplishing goals in the face of overwhelming odds. Jerlene’s history of uncompromising advocacy, especially for the city’s families, children, and youth, spans over 15 years. She has been deeply involved in empowering parents to become more civically engaged in improving student achievement and promoting safe environments for our students to thrive and become invaluable members of society. Jerlene stands on a foundation of ethics and fairness, accountability and professional integrity, as well as using her voice to raise awareness about vital issues that directly affect the well-being of our neighborhoods and communities. Based on her longevity of unblemished service to the community, Jerlene will represent her constituency with excellence.”

Lydia A. Hollie, JD/MAED, 26-Year Veteran Educator, Co-Author, The State of Black Long Beach: A Call for a Black Agenda (2013).

Jerlene Tatum is a community organizer, education advocacy mother and a long-time resident in the city of Long Beach.  For nearly two decades Jerlene has advocated for parents, students, and marginalized communities in Long Beach. Due to her education advocacy over the last decade, Jerlene has built a rapport with school staff, teachers, district management and Long Beach parents. She was instrumental in advocating for the Black Student Achievement Initiative that the LBUSD Board approved in 2021. She has made it her mission to educate parents on the nuances of the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) and how parents can influence the school districts budget.  Read more…